• Joe Sanfelippo for Wisconsin Assembly
  • Joe Sanfelippo for Wisconsin Assembly
  • Joe Sanfelippo for Wisconsin Assembly

Fisher House

Rep. Sanfelippo with Joe Campbell at the Fisher House ground breaking ceremony.

Joe Campbell is a Vietnam Veteran who has dedicated his life to serving our country not only through his courageous military service but also by helping veterans who struggle with post-war personal issues. Joe Campbell is responsible for obtaining a piece of steel from the World Trade Center to be displayed at the Milwaukee County War Memorial. When transporting the relic became a problem, Joe jumped in his pickup truck and drove to New York to pick up the steel girder and brought it back to Wisconsin.  He is a true American hero.

Real Experience. Proven Leadership.

Joe Sanfelippo

It has been a great pleasure serving the citizens of Wisconsin’s 15th Assembly District. We have made significant progress in the last two years:

• Reduced income taxes for all Wisconsin taxpayers

• Reduced property taxes by $500 million

• Transformed the delivery and accessibility of mental health services across the state

• Restored proper policy-making and administrative roles within Milwaukee County government while providing citizens the opportunity to decide whether they wanted full or part time representation

With your help and support, we will continue our efforts to have a responsive and efficient government that is accountable to the people.

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